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Oktoberfest is where the “Klaberheads” name was coined. As the Franz Klaber Orchestra began amassing a faithful following and parodying Jimmy Buffett tunes, our friend Tim adapted “Parrot-heads” into “Klaber-heads”, and it quickly became a term to describe both the band and our fans. Within a short period of time, we semi-officially adopted the name, and now at all the festivals we play, we are known as The Klaberheads.

With a high-energy show geared towards crowd participation, the Klaberheads show is unparalleled in bringing fun and delight to the audience. Whether you just “schunkle” from your seat or join us on the dance floor, you will find out what it means to be “Klaber-ed” at Oktoberfest!!
The Franz Klaber Orchestra was founded in 1930, just prior to the dawn of the big band era. We love playing the music of Glen Miller, Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra and others, as well as playing big band arrangements of more contemporary tunes. We don’t just play the tunes; you will hear the stories behind the songs, and be transported to a time when “Swing was King”. We can perform the Big Band show as a concert or as a dance, and can weave in tunes like "In the Mood" to any show we play.

The FKO, aka the Klaberheads, has hosted their own New Year’s Eve dance at the Marriott in Hamilton, OH for the past seven years. We can play any mix of dance tunes, from traditional polkas and waltzes, to swing dances to tangos, and of course as the hour gets later we break out the disco and party tunes.

The Klaberheads have been a staple on the community Concert in the Park circuit for many years now. With a diverse repertoire and the crowd connection that we honed at the Oktoberfest, the Klaberheads provide a fun show that your concert crowd will want to keep coming back for every year.

The Klaberheads can provide an educational outreach for your school. Learn about some of the history of Oktoberfest, heritage of Germany, the genre of polka, and the instruments that accompany it! Your students will have a great time with this interactive presentation and will even learn some German words and songs!
The Klaberheads are truly the band for all seasons, and the holidays are no exception. Whether it’s a German Christkindlmarkt, or a holiday concert or party, we can “Klaber-ize” holiday music with a blend of German, pop, and traditional favorites. So if you’re looking for a fresh take on your holiday festival or party, filled with sing alongs, crowd participation and fun for all, the Klaberheads are the band for the season.

"The Klaberheads (aka the Franz Klaber Orchestra) got their name as a variation on Jimmy’s fans the “Parrotheads”, when they started playing Buffett tunes with an Oktoberfest twist. The band now offers a show where they base their playlist on the Jimmy’s tunes as well as those he likes to cover in concert, and present a full band Buffett experience that is unparalleled in the area.