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Rare Dirndl is here to help you connect with your German heritage without sacrificing your personal style. We are committed to bringing you high-quality dirndls, blouses, bloomers and accessories that break the 'rules', yet honor traditions.


Run by a small group of women, the Rare Dirndl Team is truly dedicated to your happiness and look forward to helping you make your trip to Oktoberfest or the next German Club Picnic one to remember!

How Do we Use RAre dirndl?

Angie, Erika, and Emily LOVE Rare Dirndl! Their dirndls are modern, comfortable, and even have pockets. Band Leader, Erika was even featured in a customer spotlight on Rare Dirndl's blog.

Emily the lead singer onstage at the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest reaching out to the packed crowd
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