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July 2024 Newsletter

Updated: Jul 1

Welcome to our new monthly newsletter!

Cleveland Oktoberfest at the Berea Fairgrounds last season.

Hey folks,


Happy Summer! I hope you will be a part of our 2024 Season.


Call me crazy, but I have learned to embrace the off-season instead of dreading it. This time of the year, I plant ideas and see if they germinate. Some do and some don’t. I have to say that Robb, Emily, my Mom, and my Dad know that this time of year, the to-do list will become very long as my vision and goals become bigger. None of the cool things you see and hear could happen without these four.


We are so excited to share a lot of new with you this season, including our brand-new website! Our Polka Sweetheart, Emily, has been hard at work and we are proud to present the fruits of her labor.


I look forward to seeing you all at our July shows--two days, two different ways to experience the Klaberheads.



This month's shows

New merch drop

Bandmember spotlight

Brian West is the lead trumpet player for the Klaberheads. He has been in the band since 2020 making this his fourth Oktoberfest season.

His favorite polka is "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and his favorite fest food is a nice soft pretzel.

Brian is known for his sense of humor and his skilled problem-solving.

When he's not performing with the Klaberheads (or the several other bands he's in), he is running the Park-N-Go across from the Dayton International Airport.



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